JarBundler Ant Task

JarBundler ant task for Mac OS X allows using the OS X JarBundler application from within your ant script. This is a huge help since this eliminates having to create a OS X application manually using the JarBundler after each build.
Home page: http://informagen.com/JarBundler/


One thought on “JarBundler Ant Task

  1. I read your post, but Im unable to get JarBundler to actually give me output!
    Basically, I have it down to running the ant task with JarBundler included, but after making the proper modifications so that it would be error free – there is still no output!

    Basically it states “Build Successful” with no errors reported, but clearly something is wrong as there is no .app file in sight! Basically no matter what I change in the JarBundler section, it ALMOST always reports “Build Successful”. i could use some advice from a seasoned expert

    here is my build.xml file, so you have any ideas?!

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