Windows Shared folder from Ubuntu

Ubuntu and windows file sharing is covered on so many web sites in great detail – searching for ubuntu Samba file sharing mount windows share etc will get many links

All I want to do is mount a windows shared folder on my ubuntu box and access the files; I am not worried about mounting during boot up and not sharing any files from ubuntu.

  1. install smbfs
    1. $sudo apt-get install smbfs
  2. use ‘mount’ to mount the file share
    1. for mount you need to create a local folder that will be the mount point for example create a folder test under /media
    2. then mount the share using
      1. $sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=myusername // /media/test
      2. myusername – is a valid username on the windows machine
      3. the ip address is the ip of the windows machine
      4. sharename is the name given to the share on the windows machine
      5. This will prompt you for the passwor d- the password for myusername on the windows machine
      6. on successful password you will be able to see the contents of the sharedfolder under /media/test
      7. Note: if you this is the first time you are using sudo in this shell session or if sudo has timed out there will be two password prompts first for the sudo next for the share mount. you could avoid this by doing $sudo -v before doing the sudo mount
  3. to umount
    1. $sudo umount /media/test

2 thoughts on “Windows Shared folder from Ubuntu

  1. Excellent guide. I use a pipe in my Windows password so I was having trouble using the pass argument, but your way my terminal instance asked for the password and accepted it. Thank you again.

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