Netgear R6250 Advanced Tomato to Stock

After running into 2.4Ghz with Advanced Tomato decided to go back to the stock. Found the following links on the web.

Video of “Back to Netgear Genie” –

These are the steps I followed.

  1. Went to Tomato by Shibby page; here selected K26ARM;
  2. On the K26ARM page used the files under “Netgear R-Series back to OFW”
  3. Logged into my tomato, reset to default configuration with erasing NVRAM
  4. After that connected to one of the default tomato wifi networks, logged in again and upgraded the firmware using the downloaded file file R6250-back-to-ofw.trx
  5. After the upgrade completes, connected to one of the default netgear wifi networks (NETGEAR99 or NETGEAR99-5G), the wifi password is the one written on your router, sent from the factory. All set now back to configuring the network or should i switch to ddwrt again?

(I prefer doing all this over a wired connection instead of upgrading via wifi but too tired to care now.)


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