linux Ctrl^Z paused process where is it?

I am not a full time linux user and I keep forgetting this most of the time. If you press Ctrl-Z in the terminal window – the process is stopped/paused and pushed to the background. how do you bring it back – use fg

$ fg

fg by itself will bring the most recently paused job to the foreground and runs it.
bg runs the job but doesn’t bring it to the foreground.
jobs lists all the running jobs.
search for “linux fg bg jobs” on the web


eval, exec and eval “$(ssh-agent -s)”

great explanation at

(using eval for commands that outputs shell commands, like eval “$(ssh-agent)” will result in all those commands being executed in the current shell, so when ssh-agent defines some variables, they will all be available in the current shell)

T-Mobile Band 12 700 Mhz A block VoLTE

Links that talk about T-Mobile asking manufacturers to disable band 12, what band 12 means and what are the supported devices etc.

On phones that dont support band 12, on testing found that during a phone call the speed drastically reduces to 2G. This behaviour is true on ATT too depending on where you are and the quality of coverage of the carrier.

T-Mobile on Lumia 635 when not in call data speed is 60+Mbps down, 14Mbps up; During a call 3Mbps down 0.2Mbps up 🙂

T-Mobile on iPhone 6s nothing changes, when not in call and during call 90+Mbps down and 20+Mbps up!

Deregister cell phone from panasonic KX-TG7731 or KX-TG294SK

This is for the Panasonic cordless phone KX-TG7731. There is another model number along with the serial number KX-TG294SK

The options on Panasonic support site, don’t work, but [MENU] [1] [3] [4] works!!

Thanks to found the answer in an already answered question

Dos batch file string, path manipulation, for /f links

path manipulation: (note path manipulators do not work with user defined variables, only with command line args or for variables, same info can be seen in the help for /?)

string manipulation:


Python Mac OS X

Things that I had to do for python on Mac OS X. There are amazing resources on the web

After a long gap got back to it. VirtualEnv makes a lot of sense and virtualenvwrapper makes it even better.  Tried to install virtualenvwrapper, due to various things done on the system something was messedup
Error in loading virtualenvwrapper – source gave an error
tried brew install –python. this gave the warning/error that python was found but not linked. After fixing this virtualenvwrapper loaded fine

Fixing python not linked warning/error
brew link –overwrite python


run directly not with python; if with python need full path to

Mirro Video Converter

Found mirro via web search, tried to see how the video will be compared to Handbrake.

  • Simple interface but most of the UI is not working even when started with “Run as administrator” on windows 7.
  • Drag-drop did not work, choose file works
  • Once file is selected, showed up in the queue and was able to convert
  • the “show file” nor the “show output folder” options did not work, so was not able to get the software to show the output folder and the converted file!!! Converted file was found under the video library in “Mirro Video Converter” folder.  (firewall settings prevent the dialogs to open up)
  • Only output format can be chosen no control over quality etc