Gallery3 Notes

Gallery3 RC1



  • Seems pretty nice and fast
  • Install went very smooth
  • Import from gallery2 also seems to work
  • Users and groups work fine
  • REST interface to g3


  1. Watermarks, multiple?
    • Only one watermark for the whole site!!
    • The admin page for watermarks in g3 install says”You can have one watermark for your Gallery. …”
    • Allowed jpeg and gif but png did not upload, maybe my graphic toolkit settings?
  2. Themes per album?
    • Settings are available only globally
    • Seems like diff albums cannot have different themes?
  3. Multiple sizes?
    • The default theme¬†allows only one size specification for resized image, cant we have multiple resizes like small, med, large?
    • didnt see any modules available for this
    • maybe a diff theme will allow this?

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