div tag hidden/displays/goes behind flash/applet

Ran into a problem couple of days ago where a the contents of a div tag (used for a popup menu) was displaying behind a flash movie also on the same page. the are where the div overlaps with the flash movie gets cut off. playing with different values of z-index did not help.

Using ‘wmode’ parameter with the value ‘transparent’ for the <object> and <embed> tags worked perfectly.

<object ...>
   <param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>
   <embed ... wmode="transparent".../>

(Found the solution at http://www.webmasterworld.com/css/3468404.htm; thx to the person ‘Achernar’ who gave the solution)


Adobe Flash trace() no output

No output on trace() when debugging from withing flash or debug player?

I was stupid enough to not check the File->Publish Settings;  Remove/uncheck “Omit trace actions” in the publish settings.

For those of you who need to output the trace log and having issues with it search for “debug flash trace log file mm.cfg” on the web there are a lot of blog posts and even adobe articles regarding this