div tag hidden/displays/goes behind flash/applet

Ran into a problem couple of days ago where a the contents of a div tag (used for a popup menu) was displaying behind a flash movie also on the same page. the are where the div overlaps with the flash movie gets cut off. playing with different values of z-index did not help.

Using ‘wmode’ parameter with the value ‘transparent’ for the <object> and <embed> tags worked perfectly.

<object ...>
   <param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>
   <embed ... wmode="transparent".../>

(Found the solution at http://www.webmasterworld.com/css/3468404.htm; thx to the person ‘Achernar’ who gave the solution)


CSS/HTML – spacing between images

When images are put next to each other there is always a spacing between the images and when put into a container there is a 1px overflow of the container background at the bottom (especially in IE7)

– try floating the images to avoid horizontal space
– vertical-align: bottom for space below the images

One of the links where I found this information http://csscreator.com/node/31723