Java pass-by-value

Java uses pointers but it is not with an explicit syntax – thats all it is; this is how I see it and its not totally pass by reference. It can be argued in different ways as to what you call it – and its totally fine I am not going to argue. I just came across this very nice article on the web at javadude – thanks to Scott the person who wrote the article


JarBundler Ant Task

JarBundler ant task for Mac OS X allows using the OS X JarBundler application from within your ant script. This is a huge help since this eliminates having to create a OS X application manually using the JarBundler after each build.
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.do web page extension

A web page with extension '.do' what type of file is this? A web server can be setup to use any extension for any type of files so '.do' can be any kind of file. 

Java based web applications that use the struts framework use this extension. Struts uses a config file to map an incoming request to a Java class on the server side that does the processing, a struts request shoud have the extension ".do"