Python Mac OS X

Things that I had to do for python on Mac OS X. There are amazing resources on the web

After a long gap got back to it. VirtualEnv makes a lot of sense and virtualenvwrapper makes it even better.  Tried to install virtualenvwrapper, due to various things done on the system something was messedup
Error in loading virtualenvwrapper – source gave an error
tried brew install –python. this gave the warning/error that python was found but not linked. After fixing this virtualenvwrapper loaded fine

Fixing python not linked warning/error
brew link –overwrite python


run directly not with python; if with python need full path to


JarBundler Ant Task

JarBundler ant task for Mac OS X allows using the OS X JarBundler application from within your ant script. This is a huge help since this eliminates having to create a OS X application manually using the JarBundler after each build.
Home page:

CodeWarrior/PowerPlant port to XCode, Universal binary

Below are links to articles on Apple-Developer site related to porting CodeWarrior/PowerPlant to XCode and Universal binary on Mac OS X