Regular Expression for notepad++ to find to_timestamp in oracle dump

Data dump from oracle contained to_timestamp entries which do not work when used in MS SQL Server.

The regular expression to find these entries in notepad++, to change them for MS SQL:
(non-greedy search of .*? did not work but this does)




MS SQL Server multiple instances, jdbc connection error

Recently a colleague of mine ran into the issue where she has more than one instance of SQL Server running (of course on different ports), able to connect with SQL Mgmt Studio, service instances running fine but JDBC applications are not able to connect – encounter an “…jdbc.SQLServerException … Connection refused …”

 – Learnt that the SQL Browser Service has to be running – this is not required for a single instance. Multiple sql server instances need the sql browser service to be running for proper connection from clients

Did not find many links related to this when trying to fix the problem 😦 but searching for sql browser service and jdbc now brings up some useful information (via