php, mysql, Joomla

I was trying to install Joomla and the pre-requisites specified mod_mysql. I have installed the mysql component for php before but the mistake I did now was searching for mod_mysql all over to see how to enable it, all I had to do is just install mysql for php using any installation instruction out there on the web.

on ubuntu just used
$sudo apt-get install  php5-mysql


clear mysql CLI command history

If the mysql configuration for history files was not changed then mysql by default stores the list of command used at the CLI (Command line interface) prompt in the file ~/.mysql_history

As a security precaution if the CLI is used to set passwords clear the history after using the CLI by deleting this file ~/.mysql_history

mysql CLI, show warnings

[ 2006/3/13]

To force the command line client 'mysql' to show warnings use the –show-warnings option. This especially useful when running a sql script from the CLI using the '.' or 'source' commands.

[found this info on the mysql online Reference manual page, in a posting by Marcus Bointon ]

This was not available in older versions and I didnt bother to check for any other alternatives since luckily I dont have a requirement to stick to any of the older versions.