php, mysql, Joomla

I was trying to install Joomla and the pre-requisites specified mod_mysql. I have installed the mysql component for php before but the mistake I did now was searching for mod_mysql all over to see how to enable it, all I had to do is just install mysql for php using any installation instruction out there on the web.

on ubuntu just used
$sudo apt-get install  php5-mysql


mysql CLI, show warnings

[ 2006/3/13]

To force the command line client 'mysql' to show warnings use the –show-warnings option. This especially useful when running a sql script from the CLI using the '.' or 'source' commands.

[found this info on the mysql online Reference manual page, in a posting by Marcus Bointon ]

This was not available in older versions and I didnt bother to check for any other alternatives since luckily I dont have a requirement to stick to any of the older versions.