linux Ctrl^Z paused process where is it?

I am not a full time linux user and I keep forgetting this most of the time. If you press Ctrl-Z in the terminal window – the process is stopped/paused and pushed to the background. how do you bring it back – use fg

$ fg

fg by itself will bring the most recently paused job to the foreground and runs it.
bg runs the job but doesn’t bring it to the foreground.
jobs lists all the running jobs.
search for “linux fg bg jobs” on the web


eval, exec and eval “$(ssh-agent -s)”

great explanation at

(using eval for commands that outputs shell commands, like eval “$(ssh-agent)” will result in all those commands being executed in the current shell, so when ssh-agent defines some variables, they will all be available in the current shell)

Dos batch file string, path manipulation, for /f links

path manipulation: (note path manipulators do not work with user defined variables, only with command line args or for variables, same info can be seen in the help for /?)

string manipulation: