Mirro Video Converter

Found mirro via web search, tried to see how the video will be compared to Handbrake.

  • Simple interface but most of the UI is not working even when started with “Run as administrator” on windows 7.
  • Drag-drop did not work, choose file works
  • Once file is selected, showed up in the queue and was able to convert
  • the “show file” nor the “show output folder” options did not work, so was not able to get the software to show the output folder and the converted file!!! Converted file was found under the video library in “Mirro Video Converter” folder.  (firewall settings prevent the dialogs to open up)
  • Only output format can be chosen no control over quality etc

Handbrake – open source video transcoder


Have been using on and off, pretty nice. Recently found that converting HD movies from mov to mp4, the contrast/blacks are affected, the video looks a little lighter like with extra added fill-lighting.



Handbrake free/GPL video transcoder – works great to transcode videos.


BandwidthController – network traffic management

Windows tool that allows to control bandwidth used by different machines in the network. http://bandwidthcontroller.com/

  • Useful to restrict bandwidth and also to test how applications would behave based on available bandwidth
  • Used it once a couple of years ago. works great. There is a free single user versionhttp://bandwidthcontroller.com/download.html