VMWare Server on Ubuntu 7.0

 VMWare server does not list ubuntu 7.0 as supported but I tried it and so far so good.

VMWare Server installation

  1. followed basic installations
  2. installed build-essential just in case since the install specified that it required gcc, etc
  3. installation went thru fine

VM management interface installation

  1. as per installation requires libdb; found in some forum and installed libdb3
    1. sudo apt-get install libdb3
  2. vmmui config.pl complained about httpd.vmware failing
  3. did a search and found in ubuntu forums (6.10) about using bash instead of sh and this worked
    1. rm -f /bin/sh; ln /bin/bash /bin/sh
  4. after fixing the shell it worked

AFter fixing the shell ran vmware-config.pl just in case since I was not sure what worked and not, after this tried /etc/init.d/http.vmware, worked fine.

Using VMWare server

  1. stupid me couldnt figure out how to start the console took some time for me to find out from the doc that  I have to run “$vmware &” to start the console.
  2. when this was done it poped-up a nice window to choose the host
  3. localhost brought up the page where there are options to create etc

(next is to try using it)