Bart PE – mkisofs.exe error


I recently came to know about BartPE thru a friend of mine – great software, thanks to Bart Lagerweij.

I ran into a problem when creating a bootable disk with an acronis image of my laptop. The image size is 2.9+GB.

mkisofs.exe stops with an error

mkisofs: Implementation botch: FS should end at 4294131501.....

Searching through the forum I was able to find a fix – one of the posts advised using another version of mkisofs.exe – the one from cygwin-cdtools. I do have the latest version but maybe I missed something I didnt have time to read everything. The cygwin version seems to be creating the image lets see how it goes.

link to post on BartPE forum.

using this version of mkisofs works fine.